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ESTATE OF HORROR, A True Story of Haunting, Hatred and a Horrific Family Secret

With a single phone call on a cold, January morning in 2009, Anita's world was transformed forever.  The news of a dear friend's untimely passing was sad and shocking.  His death, at a young age, was completely unexpected, a tragic loss.  Anita would become the Executrix of his estate, tasked with the responsibility of preparing his home for sale.

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What transpires during the next year as she is working at his home brings the second round of both sadness and shock.  Her discoveries about her friend and his life are troubling.  Her confrontation with the paranormal, however, is more so.

The poltergeist activity she and her son experience begin as interesting and, even, a bit fun.  Small objects are thrown, and appear and disappear.  Strange noises - voices and footsteps - are heard. 

But soon, after the two make a chilling find - the activity progresses.  Anita and her son face a menace they cannot see.  They become terrified as the evil increases and fear for their safety. 

What Anita finds as she fulfills the responsibility her friend has left her is not only frightening, but at times causes her to wonder:  Is she crazy, and who can she call for help?

Believers and skeptics alike will be intrigued by the twists and frightening turns in Anita's story, facing issues of hoarding, a disconcerting connection to WWII German, unknown objects with questionable sources and more.  Buy your copy today and see for yourself!

Estate of Horror is Anita's true story.  She wrote the book to share her amazing adventure and to tell her tale of the paranormal that readers won't soon forget.  Anita will be sharing the evidence that she and her son gathered -- the video, audio and still photos that document her year in a haunted house.

Have you had an experience with the paranormal?  Please share!  If you'd like to share it with Anita, email her at, use the Contact Form here, or sign Anita's guestbook.

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