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Art Restoration

Art Restoration by Past Images By AnitaPast Images By Anita offers limited art restoration services for client's projects.  Anita uses the same type of materials that museums use to restore works but does not have the facilities or large equipment they have, so she is limited to the types and sizes of art restoration that she can do.  Generally, she can work on pieces that are sized from 4" x 6" to 24" x 36".

The types of works that Anita restores are usually art works done by family members, friends or purchased from a retail or other location.  They are not expensive "masterpieces" but may be works with sentimental value or which are personal, family treasures that to the owner are priceless.

Eligible works for possible restoration or conservation include oil paintings on canvas and panels, pastels and drawings.  Anita does not work on paper or document restoration
Some of the work that Anita offers as part of her art restoration  service are:
  • Cleaning the old, dark and yellowed varnishes that plague many paintings from years of neglect.  Many years of dirt, grime and cigarette smoke can make the surface of a painting often unrecognizable to its original subject.  Anita applies new, crystal clear varnish that will not turn yellow with time.
  • Patching of small holes and tears in canvasses, using new canvas, when there is limited damage and the holes are from one to three inches.  Larger tears require special work, including relining the work with new canvas; Anita does not provide this service but can recommend a gallery that specializes in it.
  • In-painting, or restoring areas where there is paint missing.  This is one of Anita's areas of specialty as a professional painter; she can often mimic the brush strokes or technique of the original painting.


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