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Doll Restoration

A doll is often the first toy a little girl receives and it is likely that there will be many more to come.  Baby dolls followed by fashion dolls and then dolls for collecting.  Lucky is the young lady who has loving friends and relatives to bring dolls from their travels around the world.  That's how Anita began her lifelong love of collecting dolls and one of the reasons she brings loving passion to her doll restorations.

Now, Anita uses that passion combined with techniques honed as a classically trained artist to restore antique dolls to new beauty, so that dolls can be passed down from generation to generation ... from grandmother to mother, from mother to daughter.

An example of a doll restoration by Past Images By Anita

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Past Images By Anita provides restoration services for many different types of antique dolls.  More information about collecting dolls, the history of the doll and the various types of dolls can be found in the pages that follow.  Click below to go to that page or begin at Doll History and follow the links at the bottom of each page that will take you through the page series.
  Doll History
            Basic Doll Information
            Early Dolls
  Collecting Dolls 
          Papier Machie and Composition Dolls
          Wax Dolls

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