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Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is a popular service of Past Images By Anita because everyone has family photographs that show damage: Cracks, creases, faded and off-colors are common problems.  Some photos are too light and others are too dark or badly stained.  Many families want to preserve these treasured possessions to pass on to future generations.

For over one hundred and sixty years, photography has been the medium of choice to document our lives.  Unfortunately, film is not a very good archival medium.  Current black and white film and prints, when stored correctly, may last 75 to 100 years.  Color film and prints are lucky to last 25 years.  Older film and printing papers have even worse archival qualities.  

Past Images By Anita uses the latest digital technology to restore and retouch your historic photos, then uses a photographic printer that utilizes archival quality ink to print the restored image on archival paper.  These inks are rated with a lifespan of 200 years when stored out of direct light.

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The benefits of having Past Images by Anita restore your photos are many:
  • Cost: Restoring old photos using traditional darkroom methods is time consuming and expensive.  Using digital technology speeds up the process significantly, making it more cost effective.
  • Quality: Digital technology provides better tools to restore photos than traditional methods.
  • Safety: Anita needs to keep your originals for only the length of time it takes to scan them.  Small photos are scanned in one pass; larger photos are scanned in sections.
  • Archive Process: You will receive your photos on archival paper, with the additional option of getting a CD ROM stored with your digital images.


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