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Doll and Information Sources

Sources of antique dolls are many and it is important for the new and seasoned collector to do their research and continue to educate themselves.  Dolls can be found at antique and specialty doll dealers, auctions (uncatalogued auctions offer the best bargains but they are "buyer beware" so it is wise to study dolls for a while before participating), and from the internet.  Online sites for finding dolls would be hosted by both doll retailers and auction sites such as Ebay.

A caveat: Although it has become very easy to purchase antique dolls online, and unline modern collectible dolls like Barbie, which are painted in a standard way, with standard manufactured clothing, antique dolls and their clothing tend to be unique, like individual works of art.  Ask questions of the seller before bidding and if the seller is honest, they will not have a problem disclosing defects in the doll. 

For online purchases especially, ask to see additional photos of the doll from many angles.  Request that the photos be emailed to you.  Use extra caution when buying online since you will not have the benefit of a personal inspection and you may not have a return option.
  • Jan Foulke's Blue Book of Values and Prices, Jan Foulke
  • Doll: Buying & Selling, Jan Foulke
  • China Doll Collecting, Jan Foulke
  • The History of Dolls, Constance Eileen King
  • Dolls of Yesteryear, Eleanor St. George
  • The Doll Book, Caroline Goodfellow
  • The All Color Book of Dolls, Kay Desmond
  • Kestner, King of Doll Makers, Jan Foulke
  • Collecting Antique Dolls, Lydia Richter
  • Identifying German Chinas 1840-1930; and Identifying German Parian Dolls, Mary Krombholz
  • Doll Makers and Marks; and 200 Years of Dolls: Identification and Price Guide, by Dawn Herlocker
  • The Jumeau Book, Francois Theimer and Florence Theriault
Online Resources: Websites & Blogs
  • Website: Theriault's, one of the premier doll auction houses in the world, with a wealth of images of dolls in magnificent and original condition.  Catalogues are available for purchase on upcoming and past auctions.
  • Website and Magazine: Antique Doll Collector Magazine, an exquisite monthly magazine with beautiful photos and informative articles focusing on a different antique doll each month. 
  • Website:, a reference guide for many doll books and where to find them online, with heavy emphasis on the more modern type of collectible dolls of the last half of the twentieth century.

There are thousands of online sources of information about dolls and doll collecting, and hundreds of books and magazines on the same topic. 

Anita has listed some of her favorites here to help the new collector, and will be adding to the list in the months ahead.

If you find a source that is particularly helpful to you, email the link and information to Anita.  It might be added to this site!