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Bonnie J. said:   June 8, 2014 10:18 am PST
I just finished your book 10 minutes ago, and can't wait for the sequel. I ignored all of my housework, which really needs done to read your book. When my husband was alive I would not read during the day, only at night after he and the kids were in bed. He died unexpectedly on Christmas day here in our house. My children and I used to have alot of paranormal activity, but not so much now. The first time my 3 year old grandson, who never saw his grandfather on account of being born in Germany, spent the night with his mom in our bedroom he wanted to know who the man with the beard was standing by mom-mom's closet. My daughter asked him what he looked like and he described my late husband. This grandson now is 13 years old, and lives over a thousand miles away. He called me and told me a few months ago that he had a dream about his grampy and wanted to let me know that he had finally met him. My sister died of lung cancer 2 yrs. ago, I have waited for her to contact me, but have received nothing. I have another daughter that called and told me she had a dream about her aunt, and that she was okay, and not tired anymore. After my husband died I would find a penny laying on the ground whenever I needed him. I traded in our motorhome that we had it was to large for me to handle and I bought a smaller one. The day I picked up the new one the salesperson handed me a penny and said that it was laying on top of the paperwork, and she did not know why. My children and I knew! This is only one example of finding pennies.

Pat Rice said:   May 20, 2014 2:32 pm PST
Haven't read the book yet but Anita is going to be on Paranormal Horizons (www.blogtalkradio) and I'll find out more about her and the book. You can listen tonight at 7 pm PST or always grab the "on demand" show.

georgia foos said:   April 26, 2014 7:11 am PST
I was really hoping for you to get some compensation for being executor.It was as huge undertaking and thought you and your son Chris get something. Let me know when the sequel is finished.

Amanda J said:   March 17, 2014 10:54 am PST
Just finished your book. Could 't put it down and I am anxiously awaiting the sequel! I have quite a lot of stories, but they will take a while to type out so maybe I will share with you sometime. I saw on your Facebook that you will be on Jim Harold's podcast. Have you tried contacting Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader as well? That's another huge paranormal podcast.

Jamie Jones said:   December 26, 2013 1:32 pm PST
I love this website and I will continue to keep a close eye for your latest news and updates love the paranormal. This is a great antique doll if you have read or heard of him? It's Robert the haunted doll, creepiest thing I have ever seen! Jamie

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